My First Form


If you haven't already signed up, navigate to the Register page to create a free account with Fiiber.


After creating your account, you will be greeted with the Dashboard. This is where you will be able to view the Workflows you have created, and select the one you would like to interact with!


To begin, select New Form. After typing in a name for your form (you can change this later), you will be brought to the Editor.

Note: Creating a form institutes a new Workflow. To learn more about Workflows, click here.


Inside the Editor, you can begin creating your form by selecting various Fields from the Toolbar on the right hand side of your screen. Adding different fields to your form allows you to gather the right type of information that you need! Learn more about each specific field here.


Once you have added the necessary fields to your form, feel free to explore the options provided with each field. Some of the features include adding a field label, placeholder and/or the option to require a field when a user is submitting your form. For advanced options, click the blue settings icon in the top right corner of a field.


Selecting the Widgets tab on the Toolbar allows you to select additional fields that add special functionality to your form.  Unique instalments include a Terms and Conditions link, Customer Profile tracking, and a Catalog to sell your products and services.


You can access your Workflow Settings by clicking the gear icon in the sidebar on the left side of your screen while in the Editor or on the specific Workflow from the Dashboard. From here, you can change your form's name, add an image to your form, and change the “Thank-You" page message.


Once you’re satisfied with your form, you can click {Publish}, followed by {View} to see your form live! Any submissions that you receive from people who fill out your form will appear in this Workflow's Results page.

Note: Each Workflow you create gets its own individual Results page.


The Results page for each Workflow can be accessed by clicking the Results Icon in the sidebar on the left side of your screen while in the Editor, or by clicking on the Results Icon on the desired Workflow from the Dashboard.


On the Results page you are able to view all of the submission data that you have collected through your form. Any fields you have created for your form in the Editor appear as table headings within Results.